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Simply check out below mentioned 5 five reasons as to get sweaty before you hop into bed.


It Shall Enhance Confidence Level

Confidence is known to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The better one might think that something, the better partner you will be. Research from the University of Arkansas shows that usually people who are physically fit not only for thinking of themselves as hot but as better in making love. For instance, in the study, 60% of the women that are exercising four to five days a week said they were above average in the attractiveness department, while 80% said that they were above average in the bedroom.

It Will Boost Sex Drive

The body produces testosterone for repairing and building stronger muscles after strength training. It is primary sex hormone of men, but it can enhance your sex drive and satisfaction, too, says sexologist.

It Helps To Fight Stress

By now, you probably might know that exercise fights stress. But in case you have not connected the dots, which also mean better lovemaking session. As per various researchers from the Kinsey Institute, sex drives of women are more sensitive to stress than those of men. However, by upping your levels of good feeling endorphins and dopamine while slashing libido-wrecking adrenaline and cortisol, performing regular exercise can enhance your sexual desire and help to keep you from thinking through to-do lists while an otherwise intimate moment.

Helps in Boosting Blood Flow

Researchers had women watch a travel film which was followed by a porno on two various occasions, one where they biked for approx. 20 minutes beforehand and one where they do not. Blood flow to the nether regions of women was 169% greater during the X-rated film when they were cycled. And a rush of blood is seen to be more than put your partner's man parts at attention. More blood flow actually means more sensitivity, and more sensitivity means more intense orgasms.

Improves Endurance

It does not take much effort for lying back and enjoy the missionary position, but if you want to hit every position in the Kama Sutra, you are going to need some strength, endurance, and some serious flexibility. A workout routine that balances strength training and cardiovascular as well as flexibility-promoting exercises including yoga shall help you score all of the above.

Toying with the idea of adding some extra inches to your penis size as one of your New Year's resolutions? Great idea! If that's what helps you to feel and look good, then why the heck not? When a guy feels good in himself he enjoys a much better level of self-confidence.

Hold on though; what has penis size got to do with looking and feeling good? Isn't it just young studs and porno stars who want a bigger penis? Not at all! Surprisingly, statistics tell us that even ordinary Joe Doe would like a bit more 'down there'; so extra penis size is nothing out of the ordinary that just extravagant guys and porn stars want - even the average guy on the street wants some more too.

Going one step further; wanting to increase penis size is not an 'age-related' thing either; men of all ages enquire about how they penis can make an increase on what nature handed out to them. The way most guys look at it is that wanting to size up is sex a man's issue and all part of self improvement. Looking good and porno feeling good is not just for their own benefit but for their partner's benefit too.

But before we go any further, let's rewind to those resolutions we talked about. Unbelievably an amazingly high 95% of all those good intentions are scrapped as early as the 15th of January. So, if that's the case then how does a guy stand with his intention of doing whatever is necessary to build on his penis size?

Most people set impossible targets for themselves when the New Year comes round like wanting to lose weight, quit smoking, get fit or whatever it is they want. This is the time of year when gym subscriptions go through the roof with all that good intent flying about!

So if a guy can't stick to his intention of achieving simple things like quitting cigarettes how the heck is he going to go through all the processes involved with increasing his penis size? Surely that's just asking too much from a guy, no matter how serious his resolve is.

This is where most go wrong; they look for the easy way out. Even though increasing penis size is possible, it's not a 5 minute, overnight miracle; it takes time and dedication and most men get tempted into using penis enhancement methods such as taking pills simply because they seem quick and easy. They have fallen into the trap of believing the sales spiel.

Penis enhancement retailers are pretty smart salesmen; they know exactly how to package and sell a product by pushing all the right buttons. If they can convince someone that he can gain a couple of extra inches by taking a pill instead of having to exercise or wear xxx a contraption, 9 times out of 10 that guy's going to take the easy route. It's a great sales pitch.

The downside to that is that, unfortunately, swallowing a few pills or following one of the other similar 'miracle-cures' that promise the world, just don't have a chance of working; they are slut completely ineffective. Remember what they say? If it sounds too good to be true you can bet your sweet life it is! Increasing penis size needs a serious approach, not some sort of 'miracle-grow' pill.